The photo is a headshot of a man who is looking directly at the camera. He has brown skin, and is smiling. His hair falls just below his ears and is straight and black. He wears a black shirt

Imran Ali – Board Member.

Imran is cofounder of CARBON:imagineering a boutique digital R&D practice, exploring and scouting the impact of emerging technologies. Also, Imran is a cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of Impact Hub Bradford, a hub for social entrepreneurs in Bradford’s historic Little Germany. Imran cofounded Leeds’ first coworking community at Old Broadcasting House and has worked extensively with the city on shaping its digital strategy, including the ENGINE project at Leeds Dock.

Previously, lmran established Freeserve’s Technology Research team and has served as a board director and cofounder of ensembli, as well as a trustee of bmedi@, The Media Centre, Impressions Gallery and conference director of the FutureEverything festival. Imran is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

What expertise do you bring to the board?

Innovation, strategy, emerging technology, placemaking.

What excites you about IOU – why are you a board member?

IOU is a bold, innovative and provocative, creating pieces of work which feel very deeply rooted in Yorkshire’s cultures.

Tell us about a cultural experience, past or present that has inspired you the most.

Ridley Scott’s – Raised By Wolves.