A woman looks directly at the camera. She has light brown hair and is smiling with a closed mouth.

Nancy Ellis – Board Member

Nancy has worked for and with commercial, charity and not for profit organisations over 30+ years and gained experience in a variety of sectors. Recent years have seen her have an emphasis on providing a business consultancy with a focus on HR and staff training.

Taking on the role of Chair of the board of trustees in a Hereford charity enabled her to learn a great deal about the strategic issues and challenges facing charities – and in this particular organisation, managing volunteers as well as employees who were often disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Since 2019 she has been the Operations Director in what was a new start-up a business, which supplies fund-raising merchandise to charities, hospices and events companies across the UK. The difficulties presented by the pandemic have required innovation, resilience and extreme agility!

What expertise do you bring to the board?

People management, Employment law knowledge, Mediation, Coaching and soft skills development, Commercial awareness

What excites you about IOU – why are you a board member?

IOU serves up unpredictability in spades!! It seeks to reach out to every community to deliver art in its widest sense, involving and connecting audiences in truly creative endeavours.

Tell us about a cultural experience, past or present that has inspired you the most.

Live performances and the ability of actors/music/theatre design to stimulate a different way of seeing and feeling things.