A man stands infront of a large sculptural image of yellow and green flowers. He is tall and has short hair. He is wearing a red jumper, and is smiling at the camera. He has white skin and looks like he's in his forties.

Tudor Gwynn – Board Member.

I have been at Eureka! since 2001 and have responsibility for the project management of the re-development and expansion of Eureka!, both in Halifax and on Merseyside. I also have overall responsibility for the facilities management and the exhibition development element of the operation.


What expertise do you bring to the board?

Project Management, Visitor Experience management, Faculties Management.

What excites you about IOU – why are you a board member?

IOU’s ability to create unique and approachable work – and as a board member I play a vital role in supporting the team to deliver the extraordinary art that they are known for.

Tell us about a cultural experience, past or present that has inspired you the most.

Visited the National Gallery of Ireland for the first time in 20 years and their redevelopment over that time has been stunning