How to Fundraise to Make Art

31 Dec 2020, 7 – 9pm

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Location Icon Halifax

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Making It is IOU’s monthly night for makers held at our studio in Halifax. It is the chance for artists, creatives and makers of any discipline to come together for experimentation, exchange of ideas, networking and skill sharing.

In this workshop, led by Ashley Bedford, we will be using free writing techniques to explore a range of themes, all pertaining to the topic of ‘Home’ and what that means to you. Then, using what we have written, we will go on to develop a sequence of movements that pair with our words, to create a contemporary dance performance. You certainly don’t have to be a writer or dancer to take part, this workshop is all about flexing your creative muscles and exploring your own writing.

A group of people in the IOU gallery space at Dean Clough, drinking wine and enjoying an exhibition

Originally from Leicester, Ashley is an actor and performer currently based in Yorkshire. He has a comprehensive background in Dance, with emphasis on Contemporary, Lyrical, and Street. In his professional career, he has spent a lot of time in front of a camera as well as on the stage, his prolific works including “The Call of the Void” by Parkbench Productions, “Choices” Directed by William Johnston, and the upcoming feature film, “Bringing Back GoldenEye”. Ashley’s dancing has taken him to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and his writing has more recently been performed by Make, DO Theatre in their show Little Change.

IOU’s new creation space includes a studio suitable for producing large scale work, 3 flexible exhibition galleries for public access, with further plans to develop a new Learning and Participation Centre for audiences to engage with us on a deeper level.

All these spaces function as a base for the development of an IOU Art School and will house an accessible, historically important archive of IOU’s rich legacy of work.