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Experience new music commissions online, in immersive surround sound recordings in a virtual installation space.

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In Spring 2020, IOU released four immersive compositions by Yannis Kyriakides, Katie English, Loui Binns and Jo Thomas.

Speaking Tubes is a large-scale sculptural sound installation made of gleaming galvinised steel and air-ducting tubes, designed to create a vortex of travelling sound. Each composition was created using spatialisation technology to mirror the feeling of being immersed in sound within the physical sculpture as each musician intended.

Audiences are able to listen online, experiencing the music in 360, simulating the physical  Speaking Tubes installation. Speaking Tubes online was a response to the global pandemic, which led to the physical installation at IOU Walkway Gallery being cancelled. Instead we presented it in the virtual space. 

Visit each soundscape below.

Visit each soundscape below.


Experience new music commissions online

Immersive surround sound recordings in a virtual installation space.