The Missing Theatre Company Presents INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BE ALONE

2 March 2024

An interdisciplinary performance and installation exploring the nuances of isolation and mental health with co-created art from the community of Calderdale.


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IOU Studio, Dean Clough, Halifax

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Location Icon IOU Studio, Dean Clough, Halifax

Costs Icon FREE

A Work in Progress Show

Immerse yourself in the post-pandemic generation’s mental health journey through a captivating installation. Step into a cube-like structure adorned with community art, offering glimpses into a bedroom.

Witness multi-dimensional performances within, unveiling the unseen world of mental health struggles.

This project uses set design, sound, and performance to deepen your understanding of these challenges.  Join them on a journey that redefines connection, creativity, and the power of shared stories.  Let’s be alone, together.

The Missing Theatre Company are an international multidisciplinary collective dedicated to blending art forms to tell stories of people rarely seen.

Instructions on How to Be Alone is their first piece developed during their time in IOU’s Artist Development Programme where they spent time together working in our studio and staying at the IOU Hostel, transferring their concept into a tangible production.

Tickets are FREE
This is a work in progress show

From 12pm to 3pm, you are free to come in and out of the space as you please, it will be setup as an installation where you will be able to observe the artwork from Missing Theatre’s set designer, as well as the artwork from some Calderdale community groups and witness small glimpses of performance every 30 minutes from within the installation.

At 3pm the official performance begins, you will be asked to take your seat, turn your phone off and enjoy a 35 to 40 minute long performance.

Your ticket allows you to come in and out during the day. Whether it is for the exhibition, the performance, or both.

If you want to come for the entire showing (12pm-4pm), there are seats and bean bags where you would be able to relax.