Handmade Parade at IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel

Three Interns, one Handmade Parade.

In the week leading up to Hebden Bridge’s Iconic Handmade Parade, three Artists have taken up residence while they prepare their work for the festival.

Artists Holly Farmer, Estella Collins, and Holly Groves, are spending time making work that incorporates their own art practise with the aims of Handmade Parade.

Three young women stand in front of an orange wall, with a sign above the wall that says IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel
A young woman stands at a table and uses scissors to cut fabric.
A woman sits among paper cut into the shapes of leaves.
A person with long brown hair looks at the camera with a woman stood next to her wearing a mask that looks like an eagle.
A white woman with blond hair is poking out through some grey cardboard statues, she is smiling.

Having them stay with us has brought energy and creativity to the Hostel, and we look forward to seeing some of their work on display during the festival.

To find out more about their art practise, and The Handmade Parade, do keep an eye on their social media, as well as the website for up to date information about the events in Hebden Bridge on the 25th September.

Find them on Instagram @hmadeparade

Find them on Facebook  @hmadeparade