A darkly humorous look at life on the edge with the aid of live music and mechanical pieces.

Exploring the territory between sickness and health.

Plagued by an infectious collection of characters, the hapless patient encountered unorthodox curative devices, unearthly hospital routines and angelic hallucinations. Through a delirious soundscape of music and song, together with an elaborate collection of mechanical apparatus and alarming concoctions, ‘Cure’ explored the curious territory between sickness and health, where mental and physical battles are fought.

It was restaged the following year for the Upper Campfield Market building in Manchester as part of Xtrax international showcase.   The show was presented within a series of marquees built within the Victorian iron wrought and glass structure of the former market.

A site-specific indoor show, Cure was produced for Huddersfield Music Festival in 2000 and performed at Dean Clough, Halifax in May 2001.

Cure was a remarkable achievement, holding a mirror up to our society’s dis-ease

Dorothy Prior, Total Theatre Magazine
A metal hospital bed sits in the middle of an empty room. People surround the bed and hold a sheet together above the person in it.
A person sits in a hosptial bed with blue lighting shining on them.
A man sits on a bed, with a lady in a bridal dress next to him.
A man sits on a bed, with a lady in a bridal dress next to him.