Eye Witness – Darlington

A video installation set in six white cube-rooms where we see a succession ill fated characters caught in a continuous loop from which there seems to be no escape.

Darlington Arts Centre.

This video installation projected scenes of people in a variety of mortal dangers onto walls, floors, and ceiling to create an immersive experience. 

In this way audiences became witnesses as a succession of characters were caught in a continuous loop from which there seemed to be no escape. The performance can be seen as a series of never-ending cliff-hangers. 

Following a successful run at Tramway, the show toured nationally to Halifax and Darlington  and to Beijing. 


Photographs showing red cube with projection in dark space

Dean Clough Mills, 2002

Dark space with multi-coloured cubes with projections

Darlington Arts Centre, 2004

Projection showing woman diving towards an open door

Vis a Vis Arts Centre, Beijing, China, 2008


Amanda Hadingue

Deborah Pope

Steve Gumbley

Tim Moss

Susie Thomas

Frank Darnley

Jason Payne

Andy Plant

Charlott Diefenthall

Ella and Emil

Chris Squire

David Wheeler.