Leaves Among Thorns

Installation, commissioned as the central part of the South Bank Centre's 'Fairy Tales' Season. A colourful forest of revolving trees, presenting tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Leaves Among Thorns was an installation commissioned as the central part of the South Bank Centre’s ‘Fairy Tales’ Season.

The colourful walk-through installation consisted of a woodland wander through a forest of revolving trees with a continuously changing collage of images inspired by the resonant stories of the Brothers Grimm. First launched in 1994, each tree depicted a different tale in a playful and surprising way.

Close up photograph of a red fabric apple, with golden catkins hanging of a branch. The apple has yellow and green leaves at the top.

Contributing Artists:

  • Jane Revitt
  • Steve Gumbley
  • Louise Oliver
  • Nabile Shabin
Collage image created over sticks, the colours are orange and yellow, the image is abstract.
Large installation, picturing a backlit collage, the image is an old man wearing a monocle.

Past Events:

  • The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, July-August 1996
  • The Castle Gallery, Haigerloch, Germany, August-December 1996
  • Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham, November-December 1997
  • MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, March 1998