My Three Words

My Three Words is an original production that brought together digital artworks with physical spaces in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire.

My Three Words was commissioned by Junction, to celebrate its home town of Goole.

An inland port 40 miles from the sea; this location links it to the rest of the world and the rest of the UK through a network of waterways used by a diverse range of industries.

Designed to encourage creativity during lockdown, My Three Words uses the mapping platform What3Words to create links between online digital artworks and real physical spaces. What3Words divides the entire planet up into 3m x 3m squares with each one identified by a unique three word coordinate.

For My Three Words artists and communities were invited to create artwork inspired by their favourite sites in Goole, using the What3Words three word coordinates.

Tony Wade, Line Dancing

There are a row of wire figures, they stand next to each other in a field, and are white, yellow, blue, red, yellow and deep blue in colour. The sky is blue behind them.

Caitlin Mawhinney, Carrying the Coals

Donna Michelle Griffith, Goole: Northern Exposure

My Three Words online gallery initially launched with work by six local artists, writers and musicians.

Yorkshire based set designer, Caitlin Mawhinney in ‘Carrying the Coals’ re-created a small-scale model of an important part of Goole history – the last Tom Pudding train in 1984. Printmaker, Donna Michelle Griffith, created ‘Goole: Northern Exposure’, a series of silk screen prints inspired by the geometry and geography of the river Ouse as it runs through the city.

Brother and sister team, Gavin and Tamar Osborn in Goole Soundings used field recordings to generate overwater and underwater soundscapes from the Aire Bridge. Children’s author, James Nichol, created ‘Wild’ a new text piece inspired by the sites and sounds of the Brick Ponds – his favourite place in Goole. Artist, Tony Wade, explores boundaries and cartography in Line Dancing,  an installation and photography project based in Goole’s outskirts and Poet Jo Weston wrote ‘Day-Blink’ a poem inspired by a spot near Goole Train station. 

The gallery was then extended with a further eight artist commissions in 2021: Julian Westerman, Louise Oliver, Sarah Mole, Tailor Le Fin, Sumit Sarkar, Martin Lewsley, Michael Barnes – Wynters, and Ellie Douglas.