An outdoor site-specific show, commissioned for Copenhagen 96 - Europe's City of Culture Celebrations.

The show was presented within the Old City’s ramparts and moat, with the concept of ‘Earth’ as its central theme.

IOU built a wooden fort overhanging the moat with the audience seated on the steep bank on the other side of the water. The show began with the explorer setting sail in his giant wooden fish. Convoluted, Grimm-like tales took place between him setting sail to the East, circumnavigating the planet and returning from the West. In his absence, murderous courtiers took advantage, an operatic, black-haired Rapunzel sang from her tower, her principal boy slew the egg-stealing wolf and a whispering Angel Gabriel flew low over the audience, in the form of a winged mini TV.

There is a illuminated figure on a horse, they have their hand raised and are looking towards a man stood in a tree.
There is a figure in a wooden type balcony, they are looking out and holding what looks like a black piece of rope or pipe, they are high up in a tower like construction.

Created and performed by: Tim Moss, Andy Plant, Chris Squire, Olwyn May, Jane Revitt – Steve Gumbley, David Humpage, Clive Bell, and David Wheeler.