Speaking Tubes 360

From July 2020 over a period of six weeks, IOU released a 360° viewable version of the Speaking Tubes Online: New Music Commissions to accompany each of the four musical compositions.

Immerse yourself in the speaking tubes audio productions.

Use a phone, computer, laptop or VR headset to navigate Speaking Tubes 360° visualisation virtually while listening to each artist’s composition. Please note – you will need to have the YouTube app to get the 360° experience on your phone.

Katie English 'Forties and Fives'

Virtually experience Speaking Tubes in 360 along with the spatialised audio version of Katie English’s (aka ISnaj Dui) composition ‘Forties and Fives’

Speaking Tubes 360: Jo Thomas 'In a Still Place'

Virtually experience Speaking Tubes in 360 along with the spatialised audio version of Jo Thomas’ composition ‘In a Still Place’. This musical work was commissioned for sound installation ‘Speaking Tubes’ in March 2020 as part of a series of three new commissions.

Speaking Tubes 360: Loui Binns 'Abiogenesis Tessellation'

Virtually experience Speaking Tubes in 360 along with the spatialised audio version of Loui Binns’ composition ‘Abiogenesis Tessellation’. This musical work was commissioned for sound installation ‘Speaking Tubes’ in March 2020 as part of a series of three new commissions.

Speaking Tubes 360: Yannis Kyriakides 'Shooting at Clouds'

Virtually experience Speaking Tubes in 360 along with the spatialised audio version of Yannis Kyriakides’ composition ‘Shooting at Clouds’. This musical work was originally commissioned for sound installation

I love how it clashes art and industry, in keeping with the history of Calderdale. My young daughter loved that she could make a drawing for it

'My Three Words Global provided a great opportunity for myself and IOU to work with academics to find innovative technical solutions to artistic challenges'
Loui Binns, IOU Technical Manager

Working with IOU as Artist in Residence has been an amazing experience that has progressed my work and my confidence as an artist.

Acquainting myself with Hebden Bridge and Halifax has prompted me to reflect on who I am as an artist, what the essence of my work is and observe things from the perspective of the audience through meeting guests, studio visitors and people in the community.

The studio and hostel spaces are unique ecosystems with a great team, that have inspired me and encouraged new ideas to form and grow. I have been able to realise ideas that lived in my head, develop these with critical feedback, validation and perspective

Moving forward I’m excited for new challenges, continuing to learn and working with IOU in the future.
Alicja Mrozowska, Artist in Residence 2022-2023

The team were very helpful in providing support. Before the event IOU provided invaluable contacts, who helped bring our work together. During our stay IOU took a strong interest in the work and provided some very useful technical knowledge. We hope to go back in the future.
John Bonner

STTA residencies offer a fantastic resource for artists making work from a wide range of disciplines. The 50 year history of IOU Theatre makes them expertly placed in being able to facilitate artists beyond the usual remit of just a space to work in. With producer, technical and dramaturgical and artistic feedback, the support does exactly what it says on the tin - providing not only Space, but the Time, Tools and Advice in a balance that reflects the needs of the artist. I have benefitted greatly from this personally in developing 2 very different projects with very different styles and forms. IOU were able to support both projects based on the needs at the time. Their workshop programme is an excellent way for local artists and beyond to learn and get taster sessions in new skills. IOU Theatre are providing an invaluable resource for artists that other companies could learn a lot from. Long may it continue.
Garth Williams Safety Catch TV

IOU Theatre's belief in our vision and commitment to supporting emerging artists like us made a significant impact on the development of our piece. Their contribution went beyond the physical spaces and extended to the invaluable mentorship, feedback, and encouragement they provided throughout the creative process. Their guidance ensured that we stayed true to our artistic intentions while pushing ourselves to new artistic heights.

Sound Designer Helios Lyons

We are immensely grateful for IOU Theatre's support in bringing our project to life. Without their belief in our work and the opportunity they provided, "Instructions on How to Be Alone" would not have evolved into the transformative and captivating experience we envisioned. IOU Theatre's partnership has been invaluable, and we look forward to further collaboration and growth in the future.

Creative Producer Emily Lloyd

Being able to work within IOU Theatre's spaces was a game-changer. It allowed us to explore and experiment & pushing the boundaries of our artistic disciplines. The collaboration with IOU Theatre became a catalyst for our artistic growth, opening doors to new possibilities and sparking fresh ideas.

Creative Producer Emily Lloyd

“ Love the whole experience- installation and venue together were perfect”

“Thank you for giving my daughter the experience, she loved it. We don’t get to do much as she has a severely autistic brother. Xx”


“More please, as many as you can - she loved it ❤”


“I would rate this experience for our child 10 out of 10. I am deeply humbled to see how much he gained from the whole experience. For us, it has made facing new experiences possible. The whole experience has changed his vision of what is possible for him to try.


' Great experience - loved the welding! '


' I wasn't confident I'd get anything made, but with the expert guidance of the tutors I conquered my fears and got to grips with welding (more or less)! '

Caroline - Workshop participant

' The Space was amazing - a great setting for a workshop.'


'Taking part in the workshop was an adventure into a creative world I hadn't taken part in before. Learning new skills and being around so many creative people was a breath of fresh air to me'


“Volatile Light is reminiscent of afterburn on early video cameras or a sparkler dancing on a dark winter’s night. You just don’t want it to fade away or go out.”

- 2012 Dig Yorkshire

“Here, irrespective of age, visitors can create infinite patterns and shapes using fairly rudimentary techniques. In this way IOU, as ever, explode the ticket, that is, reveal their working process.”

- 2012 Dig Yorkshire

"It was great"

Audience Member

“A profound, perception-altering, poetic experience.”

The Stage

“The new IOU theatre show is a little bit special, wonderfully poignant piece about seeing ourselves clearly from a distance.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

'a beautiful, ethereal, spiritual whole-body experience”

Patternarium Audience Member

“...like being in a shower of tiny comets'

Audience Member, Patternarium

“A fabulous factory of fireflies”

Audience Member, Patternarium

“It was a very atmospheric experience.”

Audience Member, Long Division at Leeds Lit Fest

“I found it very intriguing! It was a unique experience, thank you.”

Audience Member, Long Division at Leeds Lit Fest

“Poetic exchanges are compartmentalised into the restraints of time, but still manage to be dream-like.”

Phil Kirby, The Culture Vulture

"I thoroughly enjoyed this. I got the sense I was a part of the model, when the camera looked out into the studio."

Audience Member, Fulcrum

"Very atmospheric, sets the imagination and memories whirring."

Audience Member, Fulcrum

Cure was a remarkable achievement, holding a mirror up to our society’s dis-ease

Dorothy Prior, Total Theatre Magazine

It was great

John Doe, Halifax

“A fabulous factory of fireflies”

"IOU's achievement in galvanising an intense, childlike response and reawakening our sense of wonder, is considerable"

The Independent