The Storytelling Bus

A 30-minute ‘alternative’ history of Halifax, experienced on IOU’s extraordinary Rear View bus.

The Storytelling Bus

The show used the backdrop of the streets in the town as its theatre, whilst audiences listened to the stories, memories and reflections from a multitude of different people and voices through headphones. The Storytelling Bus was an exciting way to experience Halifax on a custom-built double-decker bus whilst listening to original stories, reflections, and experiences of the town.

The Storytelling Bus re-used the Rear View bus as the vehicle for audiences to tour Halifax while listening to real stories, memories and reflections, told by local people in their own voices.  Set to a soundscape created by composer Katie English, audiences listened through headphones on a non-stop tour, often passing the places that appeared in the stories. 

People listening to headphones on The Storytelling Bus
Storytelling Bus drives down a seat in Halifax
Young girl wearing headphones smiles at the camera, her father beside her looks at the information card.


Stories were submitted from over 40 people with applicant’s ages ranging from 8 to 80 through workshops and a competition with the Halifax Courier. The first production of The Storytelling Bus was in Halifax in 2019, giving audiences the opportunity to sight-see areas of the town and experience its history through a unique lens. As an exhibition the double-decker bus was an exciting way to experience theatre in a new form, where the words of people living in the town were brought to life – the personal, everyday stories of our lives were given voice and shared meaning.

Young boy peers at camera smiling with headphones on
Lady sits and contemplates with headphones on
Photograph from the back of The Storytelling Bus looking back to a woman and two children crossing the road