The Wheel

IOU's new interactive mobile sculpture for the street

IOU The Wheel is a moving mechanical sculpture

The Wheel is a mobile stage production and giant moving, remote-controlled sculpture. Within a gleaming self-propelled hub-less wheel, a miniature character walks inside, on a seemingly epic journey around the world, pole to pole. 

An intriguing and intimate meditation on our sense of personal identity as we face the world. The thumb-sized character walks within the giant wheel which turns almost imperceptibly.  The sculpture moves through the streets at a snail’s pace and audiences are invited to slow down, to look, contemplate, and imagine the possible narratives it inspires.

Audiences are able to share their own interpretations of The Wheel and of the lone character, through drawings, stories and poems. These are collected and displayed in a mobile gallery, which also acts as a way-marker, leading the way for the character and audiences, as it slowly travels along the road a little ahead of the Wheel itself.  

At the mobile gallery there is opportunity to see the tiny character in close-up presented as a live transmission on screens. Here desk spaces and materials are provided for audiences to write or draw their thoughts and responses to the work – which will be displayed as part of a future exhibition.


An IOU production created by David Wheeler
Co design and construction by Andy Plant
Technical development and support by Loui Binns.
The Wheel is funded by Arts Council England  and Dean Clough