Artist Development

IOU helps support artists and artists groups to deliver productions and reach audiences and communities through our artist development programme : Space | Time | Tools | Advice.

Art with heart

Rehearsals are well underway for Art with Heart’s new children’s show Stan, which explores communication, friendship, identity, the family unit… and dinosaurs!

IOU’s producer Jonathan McGrath has been working closely with their creative team  and together they have taken Deaf Awareness training with Deaf Manchester to create a set that is captioned, animated with actors moving  between BSL, spoken text and choreography. 

This exciting show starts its tour on 10th Feb in Manchester- to find out more about this amazing work, visit their website: Art with heart: Stan

Two teenage people sit on the floor wearing blue school jumpers. There is a girl on the left who is brown skinned with dark hair holding a dinosaur. On the right is a boy who is white skinned with blonde hair, he is wearing a facemask and looking at the toy dinosaur.
A woman stands with a plastic dinosaurs in her hand. She wears a white tshirt and stands infront of a green piece of fabric. She has black hair, which is up in two small buns on the side of her head.

Trans Creative & IOU

We are excited to partner with Trans Creative to support the development of new artworks by Trans/Non-Binary artists in the North. IOU will provide mentorship and practical support the development of Trans Creative as a company, as it develops its work on Trans Vegas the UK’s first Trans Arts festival and also the development of new shows. 


A person lies sideways on the floor. They have a red dress on, and black gloves. Underneath the image are the words Trans Vegas 21
A person sits on a chair, they have blue short hair, and are wearing a light pink dress, their leg is poking out of the dress, and the background of the image is pale turquoise blue.