IOU have two gallery spaces at the studio space in Halifax: The Walkway Gallery and The Trace Gallery

The Walkway Gallery

This 25 meter X 6 meter gallery space can be used to present large works and sculptural installations. The gallery does not have a set lighting rig so all visiting exhibitions must incorporate this into their plans.  The space does not have walls for hanging work directly but work can be presented on temporary wall structures that can be fabricated to host a show or exhibition. IOU’s own creative projects are regularly exhibited in the Walkway Gallery and because IOU do not make work for conventional arts centres or formal spaces the walkway is kept as bare a space as possible to accommodate a shows configuration. 

The Trace Gallery

This smaller gallery space will launch in 2022 and is the home to some of the key objects from IOU’s past shows, IOU is nearing 50 years old as a maker of contemporary arts and performance practice and the Trace Gallery will host key parts of that history. 

If you are studying IOU, its history and impact as one of the originators of site-specific performance in the UK and wish to explorer the companies archive in detail please contact IOU Producer Jonathan McGrath at jonathan.mcgrath@ioutheatre.org