Join us for a variety of masterclasses and workshops throughout the year.

Collaborating with working artists to deliver masterclasses, workshops and courses is what makes our offering at IOU unique. Spend time building existing skills, or developing new ones.

New short courses for 2022

Our workshop programme launches with 3 short courses in our studio at Dean Clough, Halifax. 

Whatever your level of experience ( beginners are welcome), delivered over four sessions, each course provides a chance to work with professional artists to learn new skills and techniques, develop your own creative ideas and produce your final artwork.

Our programme starts in April with Relief Printing and Woodcut led by painter, sculptor and woodcut artist Richard Wincer.

Richard has been working with IOU on new outdoor sound installation Two Rivers, and this course draws on the techniques Richard has used for this work. Relief Printing & Woodcut workshop is an introduction to the techniques used in relief printing and more specifically woodcut. Over 4 sessions you will learn the essential skills in producing woodcuts, beginning in mono and then progressing to multi coloured prints.  

The emphasis is not purely on the technical, working as a small group the course will take a contemporary approach and encourage creativity and inventiveness for you to make your own final artwork.

Look out for more information coming soon for Animation with Sois De Traca and Kinetic Sculpture with Jim Bond.

One off community workshops 

IOU will continue to run community workshops in conjunction with current artistic projects and shows. All workshops are introductory and the sessions will be governed by the theme of the corresponding project. Generally, these activities will be delivered in partnership with school’s, colleges and partner arts centres. 

Get a taster of our previous workshops.


Our development programme is for individuals or groups from any discipline. It is designed to help realise emerging projects by providing whatever assistance is needed, whether that is studio space, technical staff time, workshop tools, advice from an arts professional or a combination of all.

The Future

Over the next five years, we will establish IOU studio as a creation centre for the North of England that facilitates the making of innovative art projects and supports a new generation of artists with engineering, construction and invention at its core.