With nearly half a century experience creating original productions, IOU has a varied and wonderful history. Use our timeline to scroll back through the years and explore the project archives. 

The IOU shows and projects shown at this initial launch of the timeline, will be added to, to include as much information as possible to create IOU’s complete archive. If you have information or stories connected to any of the past production, please let us know, we would like to hear from you! We would like to eventually include anecdotes and memories of audience members on the timeline.

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March 2012

T10 – Role of Culture and Arts in Branding Cities as International Destinations – IOU stages an international conference for 250 people in Chengdu, China in partnership with Chengdu Culture and Tourism Administration Department of Chengdu City Government.

The image shows a large warehouse space with huge silver tubes. At the end of each tube is a large open bowl, which looks like the end of a trumpet. There are figures in the middle of these tubes. Production

Speaking Tubes

First presented

September 2012

there is a light display in the middle of a dark room. The lights glow mostly purple, with a bright yellow light that looks like a flower. The image shows the movement of the lights and looks blurred in places. Production

Volatile Light – IOU

First presented


David Wheeler’s Antarctic work with the other artists who took part in the BAS ACE Artist and Writers scheme. A book and exhibition.


Landscapes of Exploration

First presented

February 2012