Two Rivers Sculptural Sound Installation

Until end June 2024

“All life is in the spiral and in the moon’s eclipse”

IOU Walkway Gallery, Dean Clough , Halifax

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Location Icon IOU Walkway Gallery, Dean Clough , Halifax

Costs Icon FREE

IOU’s sculptural sound installation Two Rivers will continue in our Walkway Gallery at @deancloughhfx until June
Created in collaboration with artist Richard Wincer, writer Louise Oliver, composer Dan Morrison and sculptor Andy Plant.
The installation fuses woodcuts, sculpture, technology, spoken word, and sound art to explore themes of evolution, heritage, legacy – the circle of life, the passage of time, the cycles of nature.

Walk through the installation and take in the sounds that echo around this atmospheric art space.

IOU Walkway Gallery,
Victoria Mill,
Dean Clough, Halifax
Sat & Sun 8am-4pm
Mon-Fri 7am-8pm