A man in his 30s is looking at the camera. He has white skin, and has brown hair which falls around his ears. He is smiliing with his mouth closed, and has a beard. In the background, there is a grey bus.

Loui Binns – Technical Manager

Loui manages technical development and implementation of productions. He also works maintaining the IOU studio and gallery spaces.

How long have you been with IOU and what has been your highlight?

‘I first started working with IOU in June 2016 as a freelance technician. Highlights have included working in the First bus depot on the tech for the bus just before it went on the first tour of Rear View. Cold months in the warehouse getting the tech ready for Patternarium and the continual quest to fit Speaking Tubes into rooms with multiple large pillars in.

Tell us about your professional journey before joining IOU?

I have worked as a freelance technician, designer and audio producer for a number of years. Alongside releasing music under the moniker Rhombus Index and running a Sound System called Sonorous Sounds.

My interests in creativity fall at the line  between interactive/ reactive digital art and electronic music. I do my best to explore this both with the music and visual art I make and from an installation perspective at events with Sonorous Sounds. I particularly enjoy generative and random systems in art and music. I include these concepts in my work wherever possible, let the computers run free!

My recent work has included the release of EP’s ‘Diatom’ and ‘Planar’ on See Blue Audio in February 2022 and July 2021. A commission for IOU Theatre’s Speaking Tubes called ‘Abiogenesis Tessellation’ in 2020. The piece used a mixture of digital synthesis and sounds recorded in IOU’s workshop to create an immersive spatial audio composition. Also, the release of my EP ‘Tracts’ in 2020 on the label hibernate as part of their #TwoPointSixChallenge. 

In 2018 I worked with Make Do Theatre to create the soundtrack for their production “Little Change” which explored homelessness through verbatim and physical theatre.‘

Tell us about any stand out productions or exhibits you’ve experienced that left their mark on you?

A few notable things I have seen include; live performances by Moderat, DJ Scotch Egg and Mount Kimbie. They all stand out for very different reasons but combined a mixture of performance, musicianship and stage show.’