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Introducing the artists on our Artist Development Programme - Space | Time | Tools | Advice.
Each producing their own unique works, they present a diverse range of creative output.

April 2024
Rachel Hawthorn – The Luddenden Shroud
IOU STTA Bursary Award artist

Rachel  is a Visual Artist and Death Doula in training. Using found and foraged natural materials, she will make a shroud for her friend, Janet. A short film will tell the story of the making of the shroud, and explore the beauty of the Luddenden Valley as a cradle for life, love, healing and belonging.

“After weeks of foraging it’s great to be able to get into the space and start making.  I’ve made formers and support from scrap wood to support the frame for the cradle as I begin to weave.  The wool has been washed and we are now carding it to get it ready for felting. It’s fantastic to have so much space to work with and have the tools and support when I need them.”

Our Open Call to Calderdale artists in July 2023 received more than 30 submissions. Following a selection and interview process IOU has awarded STTA bursary places to 4 regional artists

Space | Time | Tools | Advice (STTA) is IOU’s artist development programme aimed at giving support and mentoring to emerging artists, helping them develop and present new work.

Supported by Calderdale Council we have been able to provide funded places for a group of exciting artists to develop a project with the opportunity for the work to be presented by IOU as part of Calderdale’s Year of Culture 2024.

Artists who have completed their
Space |Time |Tools | Advice programme in

Maya Little and Fred Seddon

A theatre-making duo working on how to run away with the sea, a poetic dialogue between human and sea to be performed on beaches. We were keen to learn from IOU's experience in making site-specific work, as this is a new challenge for us, as well as to test our ideas with performers and get a better understanding of how sound and movement will work in the piece. We really benefited from the team's practical knowledge, and from the time to think about what it means to represent the non-human. We're now moving towards seeking funding in 2024.

Large white space with see through screen with projection of tree. 3 men sit a computers

John Bonner / live:lab

live:lab's STTA made best use of the IOU studio space for research and development rehearsals, with the aim to explore production of  a semi-immersive audio-visual performance. The theme of the performance was the life of trees using music, soundscapes, video projections, storytelling with narration and dance, bringing important ecological and environmental themes to an audience in challenging and emotionally engaging ways.

Missing Theatre

Missing Theatre are an international multidisciplinary collective dedicated to blending these art forms to tell stories of people rarely seen. ' Instruction on How to Be Alone' is their first piece.and together they time staying at the IOU Hostel and working in our studio, transferring the concept into a tangible production.

A chair sits in front of screen that shows a black and white image of the chair . A man stands to one side reading from a paper

Garth Williams

Garth's time in the IOU Studio focussed on experimentation with set and projection, creating a piece based on his experiences in hospital using camera, lights, and green screens.

4 figures stand in a large space with red lights

Girl Gang

After receiving Arts Council England funding Girl Gang spent time in the IOU studio to R&D their project Millennial Pink - looking at what it's like to be a teenage female in the noughties

2 women dance on a large trampoline , 2 other women watch . The space is all white

Feet off the Ground

In residence at IOU for a week in May 2022 during the research and development phase of their work Turning Point, IOU supported Feet Off The Ground with studio space and accommodation at Hebden Bridge Hostel. As part of their research, they hosted a workshop at IOU supported by Greenham Women Everywhere – an organisation dedicated to preserving the archives of women who resisted the nuclear arms race at Greenham Common for 19 years. Together they engaged in a day of dancing, singing, writing and storytelling, which significantly influenced the final work and enhanced the creative process.

There is a boat on a canal, in the background there are hills in view, and sat on the boat are four people, and a sculpture of a yellow boat with gold sails.

Sonya Moorhead

Opal’s Comet is a short story, written by Sonya Moorhead questioning how we might navigate personal grief, loss and transformation as, globally, we veer towards social evolution and climate crisis. The show was rehearsed at IOU before its presentation on the Leeds/Liverpool canal in November 2021.

Two teenage people sit on the floor wearing blue school jumpers. There is a girl on the left who is brown skinned with dark hair holding a dinosaur. On the right is a boy who is white skinned with blonde hair, he is wearing a facemask and looking at the toy dinosaur.

Art with Heart

In 2021 Art with Heart made a new show for primary age children in partnership with Manchester Museum and Z-Arts. The show introduced children to basic BSL and used 3D projection mapping and AR to tell its story. IOU provided mentoring for the company ahead of the performances

The image is bright yellow, with a teal colour text over the top. The text says Trans Creative and is shaped in a way the text starts small and then gets bigger.

Trans Creative

Founded by Kate O’Donnell in 2017, Trans Creative produces high quality, accessible, political arts, creating a safe space where trans people tell and hear their own stories. They deliver a combined arts festival called Trans Vegas, which is created for, and by Trans people annually. The event attracts thousands of people live and digitally, as well as year round live and digital events.

We are immensely grateful for IOU Theatre's support in bringing our project to life. Without their belief in our work and the opportunity they provided, "Instructions on How to Be Alone" would not have evolved into the transformative and captivating experience we envisioned. IOU Theatre's partnership has been invaluable, and we look forward to further collaboration and growth in the future.

Creative Producer Emily Lloyd