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We provide ways to put your skills into practice, develop employment opportunities or have an artistic adventure.

Gain work experience or volunteer with IOU

There are many ways to develop new skills and experience within the creative industries at IOU. 

With over 40 years’ experience producing unpredictable and exciting performances, installations and artwork, we have plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and experience in a way that suits you! From workshops, events to filming, digital marketing to project management, each programme is bespoke, meaning we tailor your timetable to suit your schedule, and your role to suit your interests. 

No matter your age, background and level of experience IOU will always make room for you on a project, event or within the day to day running of the company.

When volunteering with IOU you will be assigned a member of the team who will see that you have all that you need and will see your time with the company is happy. 

We can also provide work experience and volunteering opportunities  for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities at our studio at Dean Clough Mills and at our new sister company The Hebden Bridge Hostel.

If you are looking to develop a new hobby, friendship circle or career change volunteering with IOU’s door is always open. 

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If you are currently studying at a school, college or university you are welcome at IOU to undertake an internship with the team.

The IOU internships offer full access to the team and creative projects and you get out what you put into the process. 

If there are areas of the creative industries that you may wish to start a career in and would like to try a job on for size to see if it fits, you would be welcome. The team at IOU are all experienced mentors and will support you as you take those first steps in a career.

We are keen upon completion of an internship to maintain contact with you to offer you freelance employment upon graduation from a HE setting. We see Internships as the first step of a working relationship with IOU.

If you have any questions on Internships with IOU please use the form below, or email IOU Producer Jonathan McGrath directly at stating the word ‘Internship’ clearly within the subject heading.


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