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IOU makes innovative, original productions, supports and develops the artists of the future, and engages local communities and public audiences.

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We present a year round programme of productions, exhibitions and workshops in our Studio and Gallery at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, as well as online and on tour with partner venues and festivals across the country.

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Artist Development Programme

IOU helps support artists and artists groups to deliver productions and reach audiences and communities through our artist development programme : Space | Time | Tools | Advice.

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IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel

The Hostel is a unique way for IOU to engage with local residents and visitors to Calderdale. To support artists, creatives, and the cultural ecology of the region.

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Explore IOU’s current, past and future productions.

From sound and light installations, site-specific shows and online galleries, to visual art exhibitions, 360 films, and large-scale contemporary sculpture.


Articles, Illustration, news, blogs, discussions and debate.

Visit the new interactive IOU Magazine, a space for evolving creative enquiry with commissioned writers and artists reviewing the work alongside musings from IOU’s staff and the artists we collaborate with.

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